The Entertainers sole purpose is to provide first class babysitting services to hotels and temporary lodging. Our business is more than just a good service; it is an experience. Our goal is for parents and families with children to experience nothing other than a sense of security so they can more pleasantly enjoy their outing while leaving their children at our services. Children, while in a safe environment, will be taken care by our Entertainer. Because “We don’t just care for them, we entertain them”. To accomplish our goal with the children we feature our “Boricua Fun Box”. This box contains games and activities that are age appropriate for the child. Our distinguished services have been requested at:

Our staff is distinguished for being responsible, active, dynamic and playful with the children. Their training program involves a personal interview, supervised training, a personality test, CPR certification and a background check. They must qualify to work under the laws of Puerto Rico. Our first hand certify company is

The Entertainers PR is endorsed by the Company of Tourism of Puerto Rico and is a proud member of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association.