At Home

We work from rocking your child to bed to a full day filled with awesome activities.

Hotels & Tourism

We all know that going on a vacation for those who have children might be a little more difficult. A lot of time parents lose the opportunity to enjoy life experiences when it is not feasible bringing your children with you. The Entertainers offers you the opportunity to enjoy these activities in a safe and relaxing way. We create activities related to our culture in which we include the following:

  • Games and music
  • Service 24/7 fitting with your schedule & temporary accommodation
  • Outdoor activities are available upon request.

When the whole family wants to participates in an excursion, one Entertainer employee can join the group to assist with the children and serve as a tour guide.

Events & Activities

From small birthday parties, hotel conventions or private events our Entertainers are present. If you need entertainment for children on an event, we will provide a number of fun activities to do with them.